Jeff Abbott

By Jeff Abbott Jan 30, 2017

Book Review: How Successful People Think by John C. Maxwell

A Book Summary by Jeff Abbot This book starts out with the statement, “The person who knows

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By Jeff Abbott Nov 14, 2016

Book Summary: The 21 Laws of Irrefutable Leadership by John Maxwell

A book summary by Jeff Abbott Introduction Would you follow you? This is an important question, and

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By Jeff Abbott Aug 05, 2013

The Speed of Trust

By Jeff Abbott There are some laws of relational physics that rule businesses dealings and most leaders

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By Jeff Abbott Jul 10, 2013

The Speed of Trust Book Review

Book Summary: Speed of Trust – Stephen M. R. Covey 12/24/2010 By Jeff Abbott Trust is a

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By Jeff Abbott Mar 25, 2013

The 80/20 Principle Book Review

By Richard Koch A book summary by Jeff Abbott. The Pareto Principle has been a big factor

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By Jeff Abbott Mar 04, 2013

Connecting: The Mentoring Relationships You Need to Succeed in Life Book Review

By Robert Clinton and Paul Stanley Book Review by Jeff Abbott The following is a summary of

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By Jeff Abbott Feb 11, 2013

Book Notes: You’re Not the Person I Hired

By Janet Boydell, Barry Deutsch, and Brad Remillard Notes by Jeff Abbot. In the book, which I

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By Jeff Abbott Jun 03, 2009

9 Things You Simply Must Do to SUCCEED in LOVE and LIFE

Though hardships befall all of us in life, there are people in life who seem to be more successful than others in grappling with the challenges. They seem to find their joy, fulfillment, and satisfaction despite pressures and realities. Others seem to be stuck in ruts, unsuccessful in their endeavors of undertakings in relationships, businesses, and personal matters. What is the key?

The author suggests the answers have always been at our fingertips. If we avail ourselves of some simple truths, timeless wisdom from Proverbs and life and apply it, we can experience change in our lives; change for the better. Dr. Cloud submits the 9 things that are the most applicable truths to follow and then outlines steps we can take to change our outlook and paradigms. Why don’t we do what is best for us? Why don’t we act on what we know? Why do we blame others? Why don’t we see the value? Why don’t we get good counsel? Why don’t we invest in wisdom? The answers are “hidden in plain view” . . .

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By Jeff Abbott Jun 02, 2009

The Four Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive

The book is written as a story to portray the management principles of the favored executive. Some of the principles are clear in the story, but most are better explained by the text which followed. Read on for a summary of the points making most sense to me and having the greatest impact:

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