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By Marcianne Kuethen Apr 27, 2015

Engineers Want Higher Compensation

In recent headlines, we’ve been told that the job market is tightening, half of our millennial workforce

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By Marcianne Kuethen Apr 20, 2015

Employers Hiring Seniors Who Won’t Retire

The dogs were helping me take out my trashes the other day when my neighbor drove up

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By The Amtec Team Mar 31, 2015

Maximizing Your Job Search Efficiency

Through no fault of your own, you are now unemployed. All the while, you have bills to

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By Marcianne Kuethen Mar 23, 2015

Company Culture: Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Have you ever gotten–or given–an impression of an organization only to realize that the impression didn’t reflect

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By Marcianne Kuethen Mar 16, 2015

Good News for Workers and Employers

There’s always something new happening in the hiring space! I’ve been searching the headlines lately to find any valuable information

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By Jason Elrick Mar 09, 2015

Don’t Forget the Background Check!

Remember that saying we used when we were kids, “Liar, liar, pants on fire”? Few things feel

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By Marcianne Kuethen Feb 17, 2015

Jumpstart Your First 90 Days at Your New Job

Karen* happened into her new job through her son’s school. They needed someone to fill in temporarily,

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By Ryan Mann Feb 09, 2015

Find a Good Recruiter and Let Them Do Their Thing!

Your recruiter is good at making the best pick! Our blog often includes true stories that give

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By Marcianne Kuethen Feb 03, 2015

Why You Should Become a Data Scientist

We’ve talked quite a bit about the skills gap–that growing shortage of knowledge workers that is making

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By Marcianne Kuethen Jan 20, 2015

In an Interview, Should You Expose Your Biggest Weakness?

We went to a friend’s seventieth birthday party this weekend. Afterward, he thanked me for the encouraging

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