Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Los Angeles, CA, California

Job Type: Contractual
Minimum Experience:
Recruiter Name: PJ Espiritu

Job Description


Job Title: AI Engineer
Location: Glendale, CA (Hybrid)
Duration: 3-month Contract
Pay rate: $75-95/hr on W2

The Company
Headquartered in Los Angeles, this leader in the Entertainment & Media space is focused on delivering world-class stories and experiences to its global audience. To offer the best entertainment experiences, their technology teams focus on continued innovation and utilization of cutting-edge technology.

You will:

  • Generate concepts and build prototypes for new AI tools that will enhance Imagineers’ ability to create, design and deliver a variety of projects around the world.
  • Stay up to date with new generative AI research, technologies, and applications in academia and industry and share this knowledge with relevant colleagues.
  • Understand the unique needs and opportunities of Imagineering and design and implement machine learning algorithms to improve, adapt, and apply generative AI models
  • Collaborate with third party studios, universities, organizations, and developers to evaluate, adopt, and integrate the latest generative AI.


You will have:

  • 3+ years of experience designing and implementing machine learning algorithms to improve and adapt generative AI models to a variety of creative tasks
  • Familiarity with key machine learning libraries such as PyTorch and Tensorflow.
  • Ability to write, debug and review C, C++, and Python software.
  • Experience applying different machine learning architectures (DNN, GAN, RNN, CNN, LSTM) to a wide variety of problems and data types.
  • Experience conditioning generative models through prompt engineering, fine tuning, or other methods.
  • Hands on experience with generative AI applications and tools such as GPT3/4, Stable Diffusion, ControlNet, Midjourney, DALL-E, etc.
  • A proven history of generating and building novel tools and techniques that leverage generative AI technology (LLMs, diffusion models etc.)
  • Broad and deep understanding of opportunities and limitations of the fundamental technologies underpinning generative AI applications
  • Experience architecting, training, and using generative AI models
  • Demonstrated ability to conceptualize and implement solutions that overcome limitations of existing models
  • Ability to move quickly from an idea to building tools Imagineers can actually play with and use, and work to make them better
  • Ambition to push the limits of what AI tools can create and understand the difference between the voice of data and the voice of a designer, writer or artist
  • Clear communication and engaging presentation skills, and the ability to positively influence and inspire others.
  • A desire to work in a creative environment where technical and creative experts collaborate and challenge each other every day to achieve truly groundbreaking solutions
  • Preferred Qualifications:
    • 3+ years experience architecting, developing, and shipping AI driven applications or components
  • Required Education:
    • Graduate degree in Computer science or related field, or equivalent experience, with specialization in AI/ML
    • 2+years experience with generative AI technologies

Job Requirements

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