CNC Lathe Machinist (2nd shift)

Fullerton, CA

$ 30.00 - $ 30.00 Manufacturing
9/28/2022 2:44:00 PMPST
Job Type: Retail Contract
Minimum Experience: Not Specified
Recruiter Name: Elle Garcia

Job Description

Position summary:
Prepares and sets up the CNC Lathes within the department for the fabrication of a variety of
hardware used in the aircraft industry.
Essential skills and experience:
 Sets up and operates 2 axis, sub-spindle, and y-axis lathes machines to produce quality
parts within the standards on the route sheet.
 Selects the correct speed and feeds for various materials according to operations
designated on the route sheet.
 Knows threads for both tapping and chasing of internal and external classes.
 Holds close tolerances with the standards of each operation outlined on the route
 Must be able to check own work using measuring instruments, prior to obtaining first
article inspection.
 Performs first articles.
 Inspects dimensions and surface finish of products.
 Performs daily PM (check fluid levels, lubricating levels) as assigned.
 Provide technical support to personnel in lower classifications.
 Works safely at all times.
 Advises supervisor of better and more economical ways of completing operations on
Material Removal Rate (depth of cut, feeds, and speeds) and tooling/process
 Exercises good housekeeping practices in work area.
 Must become familiar with Adams Rite Aerospace designs and manufacturing processes
and standards.
 Performs all other duties as assigned.

Job Requirements

Three to five years experience in set up and operation of 2 axis CNC Lathe machines.
Mori NL Series Machine is the type of machine that this candidate will use

Other Requirements:

Thorough understanding of setting tool offsets and live tools (milling cutters).
Knowledge of setting up CNC lathe/mill operations for use with ferrous, bar, and extrusion in various alloys.
Understands 3-4 controls and must be able to learn a new control without formal training.
Intermediate knowledge in the use of calipers, micrometers, height gage, or any measuring instrument required to check part correctly.
Must be able to follow written and verbal instructions as well as interpret blueprints, sketches, and engineering data to plan and layout complete sequence of operations, according to the route sheets provided.
Must be able to problem solve, perform first-time setup with minimal assistance, run multiple machines at the same time, read CNC programs, debbur parts, and program CNC Screw Machines, if assigned.
Certified Operator or ability to receive Certified Operator status upon filling position.
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