CNC Machinist

Fort Walton Beach, FL, Florida

Job Type: Contractual
Minimum Experience:
Recruiter Name: Angelo Escalante, John Tayag, Karl Carada, Khris Cruz, Leslie Faustino, Melody Papa, Stephany Joy Pastrana

Job Description

In this role, you will:

Operate metal fabrication equipment such as punch press, shears, rolls, power brakes, and saw to cut, bend, straighten, and form sheet metal stock or parts. Make shop aids such as stops, guides, feeding aids, and blocks to facilitate machine operations. Locate and mark bending or cutting lines and reference points onto the workpiece using a ruler, compass, straightedge, or by tracing from templates. Performs file and burr operations as required. Set up and operate manual tooling hydraulic press brakes and utilize brake and various tools to form shapes in sheet metal per blueprints. Run the first piece and assure conformance to the drawing. Inspect all parts as required by process sheet and drawings, using all types of precision measuring instruments, including coordinate measuring devices Monitor production to ensure conformance with process sheet and time standards. Monitor machine maintenance for lubrication, guarding, and cleanliness. All work is performed according to industry best practice and Mil Standards in accordance with Quality Assurance standards.


  • Must be able to read and interpret mechanical fabrication and installation drawings


  • High School/GED and 4 years of related mechanical / manufacturing technician experience.
  • Experience operating and setting up CNC machines and press brakes
  • Knowledge of sheet metal cutting and forming equipment
  • Knowledge of hand tools such as drills, rivet guns, squeezers, etc.


  • 8+ Years with HS 4+ Years with AA 2+ Years with BS 0+ Years with MS

Job Requirements

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