Electrical Engineer II

Pasadena, CA, California

$41.3 - $66.3
Job Type: Contractual
Minimum Experience:
Recruiter Name: Angelo Escalante, John Tayag, Karl Carada, Leslie Faustino, Melody Papa

Job Description

Electrical Engineer II

Pasadena, CA

This is an onsite position

Pay: $41.00 to 55.00 hourly


Design test plans and procedures for flight electronics:

1.       For each functional block

a.       Review electronics functional block

b.       Review implementation of functional block

                                                                     i.      schematics and FPGA specs

c.       Write test plan

d.       Review test plan with Systems Engineering

e.       Write test procedure

f.        Write and execute python-based test scripts

g.       Participate in peer and developmental reviews

h.       Write functional block verification report

 Job Requirements:


  • Read electronic schematics

  • Read FPGA specifications

  • Experienced in Linux

  • Experienced in Python

Desired Skills:

  • Automated testing architectures

  • Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering with 2-5 years experience 

Job Requirements

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