General Plant Maintenance and Machinery Repair Technician

Glendora, CA

$ 20.00 - $ 25.00 Maintenance
10/20/2022 2:43:00 PMPST
Job Type: Retail Contract
Minimum Experience: 5 + years
Recruiter Name: Joanne Pahati

Job Description

Maintain preventive maintenance program as well as repair equipment as necessary. Candidate may be required to assist molding supervisor on set-ups, breakdowns etc. as needed.
Southwest Plastics is looking for a candidate with Injection Molding machinery & Molding equipment knowledge as well as general plant maintenance experience. This position would require a broad range of equipment knowledge including but not limited to:

 Air Compressors
 Hydraulics (General)
 Electrical (Minor) and Electronics (Molding Press related)
 Boilers
 Injection Molding Machinery (Toyo, Van Dorn, Haitian, FCS)
 Transfer / Compression Machinery
 Forklift Maintenance
 Cooling water tower
 A/C maintenance (minor, i.e change filters)
 Molding support equipment (Conveyors, oil heaters, chillers etc.)

Job Requirements

A working knowledge of injection molding equipment, mold set-ups and molding operations. Must be able to communicate verbally and in writing with other employees, vendors, tech rep's etc.

At least 5+ years' experience as a maintenance technician in the Molding Industry.

Must be in attendance on a regular, full-time basis and conform to all company attendance policies.
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