Instrumentation & Electrical Technician

Los Angeles, CA

$ 62000.00 - $ 83000.00 Maintenance
10/21/2022 2:26:00 PMPST
Job Type: Retail Direct Hire
Minimum Experience: 5 + years
Recruiter Name: Jeff Witthuhn

Job Description

The Instrument & Electrical (I&E) Technician will troubleshoot and repair the industrial process instruments, electronics and test equipment to maximize operations for customer’s Specialty Chemical Manufacturing plant.  Customer’s I&E Technician installs, repairs, maintains, adjusts and calibrates indicating, recording, metering and controlling instruments used to control and measure variables such as level, pressure, flow, temperature, analytical, pH, motion, force and chemical composition. The I&E Technician adheres to standard I&E procedures and techniques and follows safe work practices at all times. 

Examine and test industrial instruments, electronic mechanisms and circuitry for defects

– Disassemble and repair or replace malfunctioning instruments, electronics and test equipment such as process control valves, controllers, transmitters, recorders, pneumatics, electrical wiring / circuitry, multi‐meters, environmental enclosures, weather meters and other necessary equipment

– Install and troubleshoot industrial electrical wiring; run wiring & install conduits according to ladder diagrams for motors, switches, instruments, variable speed drives, A/C, D/C, single phase and 3 phase

– Troubleshoot and program PLC (programmable logic controllers) and DCS (digital control systems) 

– Inspect instruments, electronics and test equipment and adjust calibration to ensure functioning within specified standards on a regular basis

– Reassemble instrument, electronics or test equipment and test assembly for conformance to specifications 

– Read and work from blueprints, schematics, P&ID’s, drawings and ladder diagrams  

– Perform troubleshooting and repair of electrical control circuits

– Disconnect and rewire electric motors; troubleshoot & repair or replace motor starters

– Measure and test electric motors using a Megger to determine motor condition

– Use electrical hand tools, power tools and testers to install or repair electrical equipment

– Perform duties and functions while wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) including half-face, full‐face respirator or supplied air-breathing apparatus 

– Comply with all safety, regulatory and environmental requirements; use equipment and materials properly and according to guidelines

Job Requirements


- 5+ years' experience working as an I &E Technician in a manufacturing plant or similar industrial setting working around chemicals and/or hazardous materials 

- 5+ years of experience wiring, rewiring and disconnecting electrical control circuits, electrical motors and motor starters

- 5+ years' experience using electrical hand tools, power tools and testers to install or repair electrical equipment required

- Proficient at troubleshooting and repairing industrial process instruments, electronics and test equipment including process control valves, controllers, transmitters, recorders and pneumatics

- Understand and knowledgeable in using the proper equipment to test for pressure, levels, flow, temperature, motion, force and chemical composition

- Troubleshoot and calibrate pH and conductivity transmitters utilizing base or acids 

- Experience using, troubleshooting and repair of pneumatic, electric and hydraulic actuators

- Able to troubleshoot instrumentation loops using loop sheets  

- Experience fabricating and installing instrument tubing

- Experience using a Megger to assess a motor's condition; repair or replace as required

- Program and troubleshoot PLC (programmable logic controllers) and DCS (digital control systems) 

- Operate a Forklift to move equipment and loads to and from work areas

- Computer skills including EXCEL & MS Word

- Excellent communication and listening skills; Able to follow verbal and written instructions 

- Regularly lift / move up to 25 pounds, safely lift / move up to 50 lbs and 100 lbs occasionally         

- Math skills including add, subtract, multiply and divide, fractions and decimals; compute rate, ratio, percent; draw and interpret graphs  

- Must be able to work nights and/or weekends as job duties demand

Must be able to pass post-offer physical, drug test, background checks and other appropriate tests as required

  • HS Diploma or GED 
  • Certificate from college or technical school (1+ year minimum)
  • Safety and/or Hazardous Materials certifications or training (OSHA,HAZWOPER, etc.)

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