Manufacturing Associate


20.00 Quality Assurance/Quality Control
Job Type: Contractual
Minimum Experience:
Recruiter Name: Angela Moron, Bae Jumawan, James Dela Cruz, Jaymillien Taleon, Kazumi Medrano, Lael Simbol, Madelaine Yu

Job Description

Manufacturing Associate I

Norton, OH

1st shift.


Job Description

The Manufacturing Associate role is pivotal to the success of the production of our products. The Manufacturing Associate will safely perform the tasks required to facilitate the efficient production of our products. This encompasses production from the raw material state to the final packaging of products. These tasks may require the operation of various types of machines or controlling various types of processes. You should understand industrial safe work practices, the basic principles of mechanical operation of equipment, follow SOPs, respect chemical operations, basic quality understanding and preform required housekeeping responsibilities.

Key Responsibilities

Follows standard operating procedures, company policies and safety regulations.
Utilize the proper PPE for each task performed and maintain PPE in a safe and usable condition.
Operate equipment and perform tasks as instructed or trained by your supervisor or experienced personnel.
Monitor the quality of product as it moves through the production process and alert supervisor of potential out of compliance issues.
Perform start up and shut down activities as directed from the supervisor.
Actively participate in cross training across the various line positions in the plant.
Maintain accurate counts and document products being produced or used as required for the position.
Keep the production line organized, clean and free of any hazards.
Grease, adjust or clean specific parts of the production line in support of an Autonomous Maintenance Program.
Accomplish safety targets set by supervisors and management.
Train Laborers and new Manufacturing Associates.
Perform General Laborer duties as required to meet production needs.
Attend safety meetings, conduct safety audits.
Must have good attendance record and be on time.


Job Requirements

Experience and Skills Requirements

Ability to comprehend and abide by relevant policies/procedures pertinent to safety, quality, security, and operations.
Strong Attention to detail.
Forklift experience a plus.
Ability to Multi-task and watch multiple processes at the same time.
Experience reading and working with SOPs a plus.
Have experience working with chemicals and/or light chemical manufacturing is preferred.
Have basic math skills and be able to apply them in a work environment.
Ability to be flexible and adaptable, and change priorities and direction as needed.
Must have a positive attitude towards work and can work well as a member of a team
After receiving training, employee must be able to show understanding and competency on safety rules and regulations by written or verbal examination.
Ability to understand and follow posted signage throughout the facility.
Clear understanding of lock-out, tag-out procedures.
Must be familiar with the standard operating procedure and operator manual for the safe operation of the equipment.
Clear understanding of Hazard communication policies.

Working Conditions

Required to have 20/20 vision or corrected 20/20.
Strong communication skills.
Employee must have full range of motion to stand, walk, sit, reach, climb, stoop or kneel.
Employee must be able to complete repetitive strenuous work under varying climate conditions.
Employee must be able to safely lift up to 70 Lbs.
Employee must be able to stand for extended periods.
Must be able to work in a plant environment with varying levels of temperature and physical requirements.

Job Requirements

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