Office Assistant II w/Adv. Computer

Colton, CA

$ 16.33 - $ 16.33 Admin Clerical
6/7/2022 3:50:00 PMPST
Job Type: Enterprise Public Sector
Minimum Experience: Not Specified
Recruiter Name: Khris Cruz

Job Description

Under general direction, performs administrative support work involving a variety of
complex and/or specialized departmental programs and services, requiring advanced
knowledge/skills of the subject matter and office support systems involved. Assignments
will vary from unit to unit and will often require knowledge of specific departmental
procedures and practices.
Office Specialists are assigned technical and analytical duties in support of administrative
support processes. Positions in this class have considerable opportunity for exercising
independent judgment in the interpretation of policies and guidelines that only
approximately fit particular circumstances and to resolve non-standard situations in a
manner consistent with such regulations. Work requires understanding and referencing a
variety of documents and resources, understanding, interpreting and communicating
information to others in order to complete a process, transaction and/or resolve a technical
Examples of Duties:
1. Reviews, audits and processes a variety of transactions in accordance with applicable
rules and regulations. Corrects or requests re-submittal of transactions in accordance with
County policies.
2. Performs a variety of audit and fiscal functions related to benefits, such as determining
actual premiums collected against premiums due; collecting payments; posting
transactions; and calculating and recommending claims for payment.
3. Counsels, advises, assists and explains complex policies, procedures, practices and local,
state and federal regulations to employees, clients, and the general public;
4. Researches and responds to problems and complaints.
5. Administers disbursement of benefits, services by considering options, consulting
alternative sources and determines payments, billings, fees, repayment amounts and
processing transactions based on varying conditions; compares, interprets and contrasts
6. Monitors and ensures compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.
7. Interviews patients, clients, public, voters, employees and others to determine conditions
and eligibility.
8. Contacts, collects and responds to outside sources to obtain and/or verify information
which may influence action.
9. Prepares and maintains a wide variety of detailed documents, reports, case histories,
financial, medical, legal record.
10. Maintains, examines and reviews complex files, applications, registrations, medical
charts or supporting documents for completeness and accuracy and compliance with a
variety of rules, policies and regulations. Provides written and oral justification for action
11. Interprets and applies technical and procedural information.
12. Compares, interprets and contrasts options. Acts as advocate in resolving problems.
Ascertains the nature of the problem, and reviews the determination to ensure compliance
with contracts or documents. Explains outcome of the problem resolution process.
13. Trains and presents to others details on policies and procedures, laws and regulations.
14. Determines and obtains any additional information required. Recommends
approval/denial of the qualifying event based on supporting documents.
15. Some positions, as their primary function, may type verbatim testimony and minutes of
hearings and meetings.

Job Requirements

  • Clear and friendly phone skills
  • Two+ years full-time experience performing complex clerical tasks in an office environment.
  • Able to maintain professionalism
  • Basic computer skills
  • Ability to communicate professionally, clearly and effectively both orally and written
  • Detail oriented
  • Ability to comply with policies and guidelines
  • Ability to perform routine clerical tasks
  • Ability to work independently with direction
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