Park Maintenance Worker I

Irvine, CA

$ 16.50 - $ 17.25 Maintenance
10/17/2022 9:01:00 AMPST
Job Type: Enterprise Public Sector
Minimum Experience: Not Specified
Recruiter Name: Patricia Lopez

Job Description

1.    Performs hardscape maintenance including; walkways, entrances, curbs, gutters, trash cans, drinking fountains, concrete slabs.
2.    Performs landscape maintenance, including removal of overgrown foliage and debris, weed control, filling gopher holes, removal of fowl feces, and trimming and removing trees and shrubs.
3.    Operates equipment such as mowers, power drills, hand pickers, power sprayers, and clippers.
4.    Maintains power equipment and hand tools; cleans, oils, and sharpens clippers, mowers and other equipment; may assist in making minor repairs to tools and equipment.
5.    Cleans, stocks, and maintains restrooms. Performs limited custodial duties at isolated locations in connection with regular assigned tasks, including trash removal, vacuuming, mopping, dusting, and cleaning.
6.    Cleans and maintains trail amenities including debris removal, pressure washing, raking, concrete patching, and touch-up painting.
7.    Operates, inspects, cleans, and maintains various hand and power tools, including chainsaws, pruning saws, mowers, hedge trimmers, and sanders.
8.    May operate and perform routine maintenance on specialty vehicles, including backhoes, skip loaders, and tractors; may perform minor maintenance on power equipment such as changing oil, filters, and spark plugs and greasing power equipment; sharpens, oils, and repairs power and hand tools.
9.    Prepares for winter storm damage, performs clean-up activities and repairs.

Job Requirements

Landscaping background is highly encourage and desired.

  • Reliable, dependable work ethic.
  • Follows proper safety guidelines 100% of the time, while wearing safety equipment.
  • Loves outdoor work

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