Los Angeles, CA

$ 100000.00 - $ 115000.00 Engineering
8/2/2022 2:37:00 PMPST
Job Type: Retail Direct Hire
Minimum Experience: Not Specified
Recruiter Name: Robert Duchess

Job Description

The Company is a fully integrated, sustainable energy services provider to higher education & healthcare campuses, cities, and communities, with utility infrastructures serving more than 130 million square feet of space and operations in 9 cities across the United States and growing. In each community, the company operates highly efficient and innovative utility infrastructures that produce and distribute electricity, steam, hot water and / or chilled water to customer buildings and campuses. Customers connected to these systems enjoy multiple benefits including reduced operating costs, lower emissions and unmatched reliability. The Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of a global Infrastructure Investment Consortium with unmatched financial wherewithal and manages a portfolio of long-life, high quality infrastructure assets with high barriers to entry that generate stable and growing cash flows.

Job Summary
Lead Engineering efforts for all routine maintenance, growth & efficiency projects, and maintenance capital projects for all four (4) of the Los Angeles plants. Support other US West markets as needed and directed by US West Management.
Responsible for assessing, evaluating, modeling, and estimating opportunities for new on-pipe connections to the district cooling system and new standalone systems. Capable of developing or overseeing design of customer connections for chilled water energy transfer stations and to follow project construction through to completion including testing, start-up, and operation. Capable of overseeing planning, modeling, design of new nodes or standalone systems with innovative sustainable energy solutions that meet company and the customers ESG goals.
Supports day to day plant operations to improve system resiliency and drive continuous improvement.
Able to develop engineering concepts and designs to support operational needs. Capable of identifying efficiency improvements within our existing operations.
Familiar with central utility plants, district energy systems, piping distribution systems, master energy planning, modeling, and new low carbon or alternative energy sources.
Provide local support and coordination for Project Management Office (PMO) managed projects.
Work closely with Sr. Vice President, VP of PMO, General Manager, Director of Operations, and Corporate Engineering to execute projects.

Duties & Responsibilities
* Coordinate and oversee detailed engineering and construction activities of local firms contracted to perform specific assigned design and installation projects
* Develop cost-effective program and project management plans for specific assigned projects including chilled water supply and return from district cooling underground distribution system, plant expansions, or customer energy transfer stations
* Review constructor’s work and material supplied to assure compliance with construction documents. If compliance is not met, advise constructor’s representative and ensure corrective actions are initiated to achieve compliance
* Review third party invoices and applications for payment to assure accuracy of tabulations, accuracy of completion percentage and recommend approval or disapproval to management
* Conduct “Project Meetings” as required on projects with consultants, constructor and subcontractors to coordinate engineering, material availability, construction activity, and resolve project problems
* Obtain or generate all releases, affidavits, warranties, “as built” drawings, release of surety and generally accomplish all items required to close out contracts
* Work with various consultants to perform conceptual design and cost estimates of potential satellite or stand-alone district energy project applications
* Support sales/marketing effort by modeling existing facilities and determining accurate self-cool costs
* Work with Finance and Deals team to develop comprehensive financial and economic models identifying operational costs and determining returns
* Maintain the consistent quality of output of the allocated project team, including alignment with company goals, policies, and procedures
* Maintain Company, Client, regulatory and contractual requirements
* Manage the project delivery and technical delivery by the project team through the course of
projects and studies to meet the requirements of the Clients and their projects in accordance with the contract. Develop and maintain the various project specific procedures, work practices, plans, systems and protocols to enable the project team to work efficiently and maintain a consistent approach and high standard of work.
* Manage and coordinate major project evolutions to ensure that Operations for customers or
companies facilities impact is minimized.
* Manage the timeliness and accuracy of the project controls (reporting, costs, schedule, trends, change management) in terms of both direct and indirect costs in accordance with the contract and Company procedures
* Develop and maintain sound client relationships
* Demonstrate behavior and practices in accordance with company systems, policies, values, and expectations
* Project Performance – Manage overall schedules, budgets, and target deliverables to a consistently high standard. Respond immediately to change so that projects are completed on time and budget, and in accordance with the contractual scope of work and services
* Client Relationships – Communicate immediately with the client on matters that affect the project goals. Chair and minute Client meetings, and review minutes of other meetings held between the Client and other members of the project team. Manage the compilation and submission of the project progress report monthly or as required by the contract

Job Requirements

Skills & Qualifications
 Technical Bachelor's engineering degree is a requirement and California Professional Engineers License preferred
 Five (5) to Eight (8) years' experience with energy systems, district energy, site supervision and customer service
 Knowledge of energy consumption, operating costs, building costs, common area maintenance costs, taxes, maintenance for building types that could be connected to a district system
 Ability to analyze energy data and make recommended solutions to solve issues.
 You are flexible, good at planning concurrent assignments and have overall excellent organizational skills with the ability to manage priorities even in unexpected circumstance
 Ability to oversee and coordinate multi-discipline engineering and construction contracts and projects
 Experience in HVAC design (utilization of ASHRAE requirement), facilities management issues, systems analysis, piping systems and controls engineering. Make recommendations relative to designs
 Ability to read and interpret engineering and construction documents
 Ability to use personal computer with cost, scheduling, and word processing software
 Advanced ability to use Excel spreadsheets to manage analysis of construction cost and simple business applications
 Ability to estimate work requirements for construction projects
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