Supplier Quality Engineer IV

Detroit, MI

Engineering $ 25.00 - $ 50.00
1/14/2021 12:04:00 PMPST
Job Type: Enterprise Contract
Minimum Experience: Not Specified
Recruiter Name: Angelo Escalante

Job Description

  Job Description: Summary:
The main function of a quality engineer is to research and test the design, functionality and maintenance of products, equipment, systems and processes and develop quality standards. A typical quality engineer has the ability to read and interpret blueprints, and evaluate product integrity and standards.

Job Requirements

Job Responsibilities:
* Review and approve sampling procedures and designs, forms and instructions for recording, evaluating, and reporting quality and reliability data.
* Review and supervise programs to evaluate precision and accuracy of production equipment and testing, measurement, and analytical equipment and facilities.
* May conduct training sessions on quality control activities.
* Considered a specialist in areas of quality control engineering, such as design, incoming material, process control, product evaluation, product reliability, inventory control, metrology, automated testing, software, research and development, and administrative application.
* Directs workers engaged in measuring and testing product and tabulating data concerning materials, product, or process quality and reliability.
* Plans and directs activities concerned with development, application, and maintenance of quality standards for industrial processes, materials, and products.
* Develops and initiates standards and methods for inspection, testing, and evaluation, utilizing knowledge in engineering fields such as chemical, electrical, or mechanical.
* May manage quality control program.

* Creativity, verbal and written communication skills, analytical and problem solving ability.
* Team player and detail oriented.
* Strong leadership and mentoring skills necessary to provide support and constructive performance feedback.
* Strong ability to read and interpret blueprints, technical drawing, schematics and computer-generated reports.
* Previous experience with computer applications and software related to engineering field, such as Computer Aided Design (CAD).

* Bachelor's degree in engineering required.
* 8-10 years experience required.
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