Warehouse Worker

Santa Ana, CA

$ 16.00 - $ 16.50 Operations
4/20/2022 9:54:00 AMPST
Job Type: Enterprise Public Sector
Minimum Experience: Not Specified
Recruiter Name: Khris Cruz

Job Description

Our client is looking for individuals to assist with the upcoming election with materials and processing. This is an important role needing a responsible individual to be a part of the team.
Job duties include:
&#8226 Supply Inventory Management
&#8226 Mail Processing
&#8226 Load and unload materials to and from delivery trucks physically, with and without forklift/pallet jack
&#8226 Set up supply distribution points prior to the election
&#8226 Collect and prepare outgoing and incoming mail
&#8226 Loads and runs the VBM ballots through ballot extracting machines
&#8226 Conducts inventory and prepares equipment for storage
Other tasks could include…
  • Receives election supplies and verified the quantities of items delivered. Also, receives and sorts supplies and equipment turned in after the election to inventory, prepare and store away for next election.
  • Unpacks and sorts supplies as instructed into bundles to be issued out.
  • Conducts inventories to ensure the correct items, equipment and quantities are included in the supply boxes. Validates inventories of supply boxes as well as equipment (e.g., canopies, tables, chairs, etc.) for accountability purposes.
  • Stages pallets and supplies in a predetermined manner to issue out to customers or for loading onto delivery trucks to ensure these are safely delivered to their destinations.
  • Load and unload materials to/from delivery trucks.
  • Sets up distribution points with canopies, tables, chairs and supply boxes to ensure a well-organized supply distribution process.
  • Inspects visually/electronically and prepares/assembles a variety of equipment for elections in order to ensure it is working properly and ready for use.
  • Loads equipment by hand once it is ready for use onto a cart (caddy) and labels in order to properly store away until it is retrieved for shipment.
  • Retrieves equipment before it goes out and labels in order to ensure delivery to the right place.
  • Receives equipment after election by physically rearranging equipment and visually inspecting equipment in order to facilitate scanning, inventorying and storing away.
  • Backs up the information from voting equipment to a computer and returns equipment back to assigned storage location.

Job Requirements

A great candidate...

  • Must be able to lift up to 50 lbs. unassisted.
  • Must be dependable, reliable, and punctual
  • Must have reliable transportation available
  • Able to work independently and as part of a team
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