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No matter what the size of your company and how many it employs, managing and processing payroll is a time-consuming operation. Amtec payrolling solutions provide cost-effective relief for your HR team, allowing it to focus more energy on building and managing a highly-motivated, efficient workforce.

  • Quick onboarding
  • Online timecard approvals
  • Online invoicing

Why Trust Amtec to Handle Your Payroll Responsibilities?

  • Free up valuable in-house HR resources for other administrative responsibilities.
  • Ensure compliance and risk mitigation with constantly changing local, state, and federal employment regulations.
  • Increase efficiency and time savings when on- and off-boarding temporary staff.
  • Expertise in navigating laws and regulations applicable to contingent workers.
  • Provide cost savings over in-house payroll administration.
  • Rapid 24- to 72-hour onboarding of most employees into Amtec’s payroll service.
  • Stellar long-term record of ensuring timely and accurate payments, as well as error-free administration of withholding, reporting, Social Security, Medicare, and tax accounting.
  • Integration with ADP’s payroll, benefits, and taxation services.

Amtec payrolling solutions provide cost-effective relief for your HR team, allowing it to focus more energy on building and managing a highly-motivated, efficient workforce.

Cut Costs, Boost HR Efficiency with Amtec Payroll Solutions

Administering the numerous payroll-related obligations—payment, withholdings, worker’s compensation, unemployment taxes, insurance, supplementary benefits, and state and federal taxes—requires extensive data input. It also requires professional expertise attuned to state and local laws regulating labor, taxes, immigration, anti-discrimination, insurance, as well as compliance deadlines and an ever-changing regulatory landscape. While large corporations tend to have separate payroll departments, many smaller companies rely on HR to handle their payroll administration.

Time Spent on Payroll Hinders HR’s Core Function

The complexities involved with payroll management force many HR departments to scale back their core function of building and managing the dynamics of their company’s workforce. This can lead to a slowdown in hiring, a decline in the quality of new hires, and a loss of focus on ensuring positive dynamics within the greater workforce and/or in individual workers. Additionally, any oversights in compliance with payroll regulations can lead to costly penalties or time-consuming audits.

The Benefits of Outsourcing your Payrolling

By outsourcing payrolling to a professional service provider such as Amtec, companies can realize numerous benefits. These include:

  • Cost Savings
    Companies do not have to invest in necessary computer equipment, payroll/accounting software, labor costs, and training to ensure proper payroll processing.
  • Time Savings
    Significant reduction in work hours utilized for payroll administration.
  • Business Prioritization
    Freeing up resources used for payrolling lets your HR department focus on core employment building and management activities.
  • Expert Administration
    With extensive experience, a payrolling provider can handle all elements of its administration and resolve complicated payroll issues, such as factoring payrolls that cross multiple jurisdictions or extend internationally.
  • Regulatory Compliance
    Expert payrolling providers ensure consistent compliance with all laws, regulations, and mandatory rules, even in the face of an oft-changing regulatory environment.

Let Amtec Customize an Payrolling Solution for your Needs

With headquarters in California and regional offices throughout the West and in the Philippines, Amtec serves companies in the Southwest, Northwest, central U.S. and beyond.

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