Jonathan Vince

Jonathan Vince

Direct Hire Staffing Manager

Most things fascinate Jonathan, people foremost. He has enjoyed working with many people in many contexts over the years. After receiving his Bachelor’s in Journalism from The Master’s University, he worked . . . as a busboy. Just as the free back-kitchen grub began to lose its allure, a newspaper in Pasadena hired him to write articles and take photos. He loved the excitement of finding and interviewing politicians, celebrities, and entrepreneurs, and he even got to have his own column on local hikes. It was around this time, however, that print media began its slow death. Reduced hours and low pay led Jonathan into the education field, where he quickly discovered a knack for teaching little people. The pay was slightly better than in his previous career, but the warm fuzzies inherent in the job more than made up for what was lacking. Then Jonathan got married, and realized his wife and future family probably wouldn’t love sharing his Spartan lifestyle. He launched blindly into entrepreneurialism in the same month that he became a dad, buying and running a small tutoring company, and hunting for real estate deals on the side. In the few years that followed, failure was his greatest teacher; it stung very little, however, as it coincided with the great joy of adding two more children to his family. He has since sold the tutoring company, but he still loves to hunt and find properties. As it turns out, all of his past and present jobs and hustles have been an excellent training ground for the exciting work he now does as part of the Amtec team.

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