Engineering as an Investment in Our Planet

Recruiting decisions do more than help you build a high-performing team—they impact the world around us. With the theme of this year’s Earth Day being “Invest in our Planet”, it serves as a reminder for businesses that are currently recruiting engineers to consider how that company will impact planet Earth.

The goal of any company is to hire the highest performing personnel to achieve company goals. But what is often missed by many companies is the impact they have on our planet. As an example, electrical engineers have a hand in making the world a more sustainable place. Whether it’s working for the government, for a commercial enterprise, or even just in residential neighborhoods, engineers can help create and maintain practices that reduce carbon footprints and make the most of our resources.

Engineering Our Way Through Limited Resources

There are a number of declining resources facing our planet. Right now scientists say the earth is going through a mass extinction event. According to a fact sheet published by, estimates show that we are losing 10,000 times more species per year than the normal rate. Animal populations worldwide have declined by 70% over the last 50 years, due to human consumption, urbanization, population growth, and trade increases. 2,000 years ago, 80% of Western Europe was covered by forests. Today, only 34% is covered by forests. 

This Earth Day, hiring managers can make decisions that help achieve sustainable goals, like slowing global warming. The world still needs daily improvements, from installing more technology in our homes to building new power sources. And as Earth Day campaigns take on an even larger role in the worldwide discourse, we need these engineers to continue to push boundaries on alternative energy sources and bring them toward commercialization.

Maximizing Efficiency Through Waste Reduction

Engineers help build products that improve efficiency and reduce waste in commercial operations in manufacturing plants around the world. Engineers are also involved in creating residential buildings that use less natural resources for construction purposes. They also develop systems for these buildings to operate at maximum efficiency through waste reduction and energy conservation once they are constructed with less impact on the environment. 

Here at Amtec, one of our goals is to enrich lives by helping companies build high-performing teams and helping people find meaningful work. We want to make it easier for electrical engineers to connect with great companies and opportunities. Engineers have a crucial job of ensuring that our planet continues to be habitable for our future generations. This means that they have to both mitigate climate change — reduce the rate of global temperature rise — and adapt to it. They’re doing this by developing innovative solutions to problems like rising sea levels, food shortages, extreme weather conditions, and poor air quality.

Engineers are Essential for Earth Day

They’re the ones who will find solutions to the problems that affect our planet—including climate change. If a bridge can’t sustain a certain weight, engineers have to figure out how to make it stronger. If a car’s engine is too loud, they have to make it quieter. 

Engineers design infrastructure for resilience to help climate change and are responsible for keeping power on during extreme weather events. Their work is critical in keeping businesses up and running when disaster strikes, which means we can keep buying food, getting information online, and maintaining our day-to-day activities in a time of crisis. They’re leading the charge in making sure that our energy sources are clean, renewable and efficient. They’re also helping those communities with the most need by developing solutions that include microgrids and smart grids to bring electricity to areas without power.

The ability to influence positive environmental change isn’t limited to engineers working directly in the field of sustainability. Engineers are uniquely qualified to create systems that can help meet the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations. 

We’re proud to be working with electrical engineers for Earth Day this year, because they know how to make change happen. They have the knowledge and skills to devour problems like climate change and turn them into opportunities. As one of the fastest growing industries in the country, they know what it takes to make something happen—and they are putting that talent toward making a better future for all of us. It takes all of us — businesses, governments, and citizens — to make meaningful change. 

How Amtec’s Mission Contributes to Sustainability

At Amtec, our team has a mission to enrich lives by helping companies build high-performing teams and helping people find meaningful work. This can be seen clearly in the potential electrical engineers have towards sustainable goals. Engineers can help achieve this through innovation and by communicating the importance of solutions that are both economically and environmentally viable.

We’re living in an exciting moment, when forward-thinking companies are creating products using renewable energy. Earth Day is a great way to keep in mind the future of our planet and what that means for sustainable goals across the industry. We are here to help companies find employees that align with those goals. People who want to enrich lives through innovation, while protecting our planet and its inhabitants. 

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