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    What’s your area of specialty? Ours is recruiting! Whether you’re looking for a temporary employee or someone to add to your permanent team, you’ve found a recruiting partner who understands what makes a good fit and can help you achieve it.

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    Amtec has been teaming up with business owners and leaders like you, with the relentless purpose of finding the best match for each position. We do this through our proven hiring process, Amtec-designed tools, and extensive industry experience. The results speak for themselves: our clients’ trust has kept us in business for more than 60 years. Simply put, that means you can count on us to deliver the high performers you’ve been waiting for, no matter what type or how many you need.

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    Whatever your specialty, you can count on our expertise to recruit just the kind of people you need. With Amtec’s experience, unique hiring process, huge candidate network, and customized tools, you’ll be able to tap into the best available talent to fill a variety of professional positions in these fields:

    Recruitment Process Outsourcing

    Is your current HR staff struggling with recruiting? With RPO, your company can transfer all or part of your recruitment processes to Amtec to help lighten the load of your existing HR team. With RPO, you can add a team of professional recruiters to your staff as an extension of your business to maintain a pipeline of qualified candidates.

    With Amtec serving as your RPO provider, we can help you secure the best talent while covering all payroll services and employee administration. Amtec also provides an Am-Pac offshore recruiting solution for growing businesses in both the U.S. and the Philippines. It's never been easier to grow your business!

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    Get a playbook for finding, hiring, and onboarding the professionals you need. Our guides give you everything you need to know to write a job posting, determine compensation, and entice high-quality candidates with the allure of the most popular cities across the U.S.

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