Enterprise Staffing and Recruitment Solutions

With more than 60 successful years in the recruitment business, Amtec has helped numerous Fortune 500 companies fill their large-scale contingent worker needs. We provide corporations with flexible enterprise staffing models that can quickly be geared up or down as needed.

  • Flexible staffing
  • Quick onboarding
  • High-quality candidates
  • Minority-owned

The Staffing Agency Fortune 500 Companies Rely on Nationwide

  • As an MSP supplier, Amtec provides Fortune 500 companies nationwide with end-to-end management and coordination of their contingent workforce needs.
  • Dedicated Amtec teams meet enterprise workforce demand with rapid time-to-fill hiring of high-quality professionals at a competitive cost-per-hire rate.
  • As a certified Minority-Owned Business, Amtec helps companies utilize special government programs, boosts access to government contracting opportunities, and provides federal and state tax incentives.
  • Up-to-date contingent talent network with a vast pool of candidates covering the full range of technical and professional contract workers.
  • Flexible enterprise staffing model allows for direct-hire services if needed and can be tailored to serve the entire corporation, distinct divisions, or specific locations.
  • With more than 60 years of enterprise hiring success, Amtec has been at the forefront of the technological and systematic evolution of enterprise staffing.

Amtec’s enterprise solution teams cost-effectively address corporate demand for high volumes of top-level professional contractors needed on a contingent basis.

Providing Corporations Flexible Contingent Staffing Models

Major corporations expend significant resources on their human resources departments, so they often turn to professional recruiters when they need to hire large numbers of contingent workers. Many corporate HR departments are already overwhelmed by the responsibilities of direct hiring and employee administration. They are often ill-equipped to take on the additional responsibility of hiring and administering large pools of contingent workers. By turning to professional recruiters like Amtec, corporations can secure a new contingent worker supply chain without stressing their HR departments and at competitive cost-per-hire rates. In fact, by outsourcing such enterprise hiring, corporations can realize cost savings of up to 30%.

Amtec Well-Equipped to Handle High-Volume Corporate Contractor Needs

We have the resources and talent pool access to serve an entire corporation or its distinct divisions or location-specific needs. When you contract with Amtec, your enterprise solutions team is dedicated to delivering top-level professionals with the quickest time-to-fill. This, in turn, ensures that you receive the most competitive cost-to-hire rates.

Secure Bonus Benefits Through Amtec’s Minority-Owned Certification

Amtec is a certified Minority-Owned Business, which allows us to offer tax incentives and other benefits through federal and state initiatives. Working with Amtec can help corporations meet their mandated supplier diversity goals and create openings for potential government contracts. Partnership with a Minority-Owned Business also helps corporations boost brand recognition through their show of support for minority communities.

Partner with Amtec for your High-Volume Corporate Contractor Needs

With headquarters in California and regional offices throughout the West and in the Philippines, Amtec serves companies in the Southwest, Northwest, central U.S. and beyond.

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