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It’s not enough to just recruit great talent—Starting in 1959, Amtec has helped win the space race to the moon, revolutionize the tech industry, and beat down pandemics by creating dream teams, large and small, that get the job done. Our agency’s job is to attract, identify, qualify, hire, and retain the absolute best direct hires for your team.

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Amtec's Hiring Process



We learn more about your business, company culture, and direct hiring needs, while you gain a better understanding of Amtec’s tailor-made approach.



We strategize our approach, survey the job market, customize recruitment tools, and define a proposed interview process.



After screening hundreds of candidates, Amtec identifies the top 3-5 qualified candidates, coordinates interviews, and conducts reference checks.



Amtec coordinates background checks, negotiates compensation, and helps craft an offer letter. Once the candidate is hired, we'll assist with onboarding.



Amtec checks in with the company and new hire to ensure smooth acclimatization into the position. We share what we’ve learned and help the company prepare for future employment needs.

Why Trust Amtec for Your Direct Hire Needs?

  • We're a direct hire company with more than 65 years of successful recruitment across different business and industry sectors.
  • Up-to-date talent network with a vast pool of candidates covering the large range of possible open positions.
  • Highly adept at discerning each client’s specific position requirements and their unique company culture.
  • Detailed understanding of each industry we serve, as well as the distinct employment markets that support them.
  • Proprietary tools that help us efficiently screen the talent pool to find the highest quality candidates who seem tailor-made for each position.
  • Devotion to ensuring that filling the position is mutually beneficial for both the company and your new professional.

In short, Amtec isn't you're average staffing agency. We serve as your trusted partner in recruiting top talent so that you can maintain focus on managing core operations.

Find Your Next Career-Oriented Professional with Amtec

When seeking a career-oriented professional to fill one of your company’s open positions you want to assess numerous characteristics of each potential candidate to ensure that they will be a perfect long-term fit. At a minimum you likely want to assess:

  • - Skillset
    - Experience
  • - Decision-Making
    - Honesty
  • - Motiviation
    - Collaboration
  • - Leadership

But how do you go about finding potential candidates, let alone efficiently assess them to ensure that you will add a valuable, long-term asset to your organization? Competition for highly talented professionals in every business sector is stiff and identifying and securing top talent typically proves challenging.

Partner with the Recruitment Experts at Amtec

Whether recruitment for a specialist or for mid- to upper-level management, why not partner with recruitment experts with a long-term record of matching companies with high-quality professionals who become integral components of their organization? Amtec has established a stellar reputation for customer service, helping companies build high-performing teams, and in guiding professionals towards career satisfaction.

A partnership with Amtec begins with a face-to-face meeting that our recruitment specialists use to better understand your company, its unique workplace culture, and the position requirements. In many cases, Amtec recruiters come into these meetings preloaded with a reasonable understanding of company operations and what different workers do within the organization to maintain them. Naturally, every company is different but Amtec has been in the recruitment business for a very long time and accumulated a detailed working knowledge of each sector it serves and the distinct professional workers each needs.

Recruitment Efforts Boosted by Customized Tools, Talent Network

Using proprietary recruitment tools and a vast nationwide talent network, Amtec recruiters then conduct a dedicated search closely attuned to finding full-time or part-time candidates that meet all parameters for a successful match with the position. The top choices are presented to the company, which interviews them with questions tailor-made for the position.

Once a hiring decision has been made, Amtec helps develop the offer, negotiate salary, conduct background checks, and facilitate the hiring process. Upon the actual hiring, Amtec continues the partnership by assisting with onboarding, tracking the professional’s acclimation into the position, and proactively assessing other employment needs.

Amtec Provides Objective Look at Operations, Employment Needs

All-in-all, companies that partner with Amtec find that the experience enhances their employment perspective. An outsider examination of a company’s professional needs provides a fresh objective look at business operations and employment needs.

Based in California and serving the southwest, northwest, central U.S. and beyond, partner with Amtec to secure the best talent for your professional needs.

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