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"I have met many recruiters over the years and none of them took the time to research my background and understand me personally
the way you did."

- Joseph Bauer


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We're not just a staffing company--we're a people company. At Amtec, we care about helping you reach your unique career goals. Since 1959, we’ve changed the lives of thousands of people for the better—people just like you. It’s our purpose to help you find meaningful work by matching your character, competence, and culture with an organization that truly values what you have to offer.

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Do you know what kind of work, manager, and culture you’re looking for? When you apply for one of our open positions, be prepared to answer lots of questions! We’re not the kind of employment agency that’s willing to put a round peg into a square hole just to make a buck.


"I’ve been contacted by many recruiters. You are by far the most professional."

- Tom Schulz


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