How to write a great job post for difficult to fill positions

It doesn’t take an expert to write a great job post that attracts top candidates, but it does take effort. Recruitment agencies understand that a job posting is an art AND a science, and it’s one that’s evolving all the time. Some trends remain constant — a good job listing should be clear, informative, and compelling. However, companies may come across difficult to fill positions. At Amtec, our recruitment agency knows specific tactics to reach the right audience. Keep reading to learn more about the elements in a great job post. 

Develop a compelling employer profile

Your employer profile is an opportunity to showcase what makes your company unique. Describe your culture and values, as well as the work environment and benefits employees receive. You can also highlight how you measure success within your organization, how you’re growing (or planning to grow), and why it’s a great place to work.

Let your company culture shine through

In your job post, let your company culture shine through. Be transparent about why you’re a great place to work, and how you foster an environment of learning and growth for employees. Show potential candidates that you value diversity by highlighting the different backgrounds that are represented at the company—but don’t just say it; prove it with testimonials from employees who have been promoted or moved up in the organization because of their efforts.

Lastly, make sure to talk about work-life balance in your post. Your goal is to attract applicants who will be able to contribute long-term—so if they’re looking for something more than just a paycheck, then they’ll know that this might be the place for them once they read what’s written on your website!

Tone matters

When writing a job post, it’s important to remember that the tone you use can make or break your chances of getting a great applicant. The best way to ensure that your post is well-received is to use a conversational tone—meaning that you should speak directly to the reader as if you were having a conversation with them. This will help keep things casual, friendly, and inviting. You should also avoid using jargon, slang, or abbreviations that might be hard to understand for the average job seeker; instead of using contractions (e.g., don’t and can’t) and passive voice, use full words and active voice whenever possible (e.g., do not and cannot). Finally, avoid writing in first person (“I,” “we”) since it’s not clear what the job post is talking about at that point in time; rather write in third person (“he,” “she,” “they”). Second person (“you”) is also rarely used because it sounds unnatural unless you’re directing your message directly towards one person specifically (like when you’re hiring someone).

Be specific

The job description should be as detailed and thorough as possible. Use Amtec’s free job posting generator to help you write a great job post without missing any of the essentials. Include the exact duties of the position, a description of the work environment, a list of skills and qualifications required for success in the role, descriptions of any benefits package and perks you offer, and details on how many hours you expect candidates to work per week (be honest!). This will help ensure that only candidates who meet all criteria apply to your position.

In addition to being more detailed than other job posts, this type of post also has a different tone than other postings because it is written specifically for hard-to-fill positions.

A good job post can give you an edge in finding qualified candidates, especially for jobs that are difficult to fill.

A good job posting can give you an edge in finding qualified candidates, even for jobs that are difficult to fill. A great job post is one that uses both the language of the position and the company to show potential candidates why they’re a good fit for each other.

When writing your job post, think about how you would describe the position and company to friends or family members. You might say “this is a great opportunity for someone who likes their work to have meaning” or “these people value hard work and enjoy having fun together at work.” These are important things to be clear about right away—don’t assume that potential candidates already know them! The best way to do this is by telling stories around what it means to work at your company and what kinds of qualities you look for in employees. 

Remember that attracting great candidates isn’t just about what you do to post a listing. It’s also about how well you listen and take their feedback into account. Just like any other kind of relationship, the best way to attract top talent is by being open, honest, and attentive. 


In the end, posting a job listing is only a small piece of the puzzle. The real work comes when you have to hire the candidate and get them up to speed with the rest of your team. It takes time, patience, and plenty of experience to bring together all of the right pieces at the right time. Our mission at our recruitment agency is to enrich lives by helping companies build high-performing teams and helping people find meaningful work. Partner with Amtec and we’ll find the right candidates for you.

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