Infographic on Workplace Mobility

Being an artist–or at least a doodler–I love infographics! And recently, the subject of workplace mobility has been of great interest to our family. My husband had knee replacement surgery two weeks ago. When the doctor informed him that he must be prepared to take 3 months off to tackle a rigorous exercise schedule 5-6 hours a day, I could already see that look in his eye!

Sure enough, thanks to his cell phone, computer, and home office phone line, he has already been back to work every day for more than a week, although he’s only actually been into the office twice. Is this a good thing or not? We’ll see at the end of three months! Regardless, the workplace is rapidly becoming–well, wherever we are! Check out this infographic on workplace mobility and you’ll see why time clocks and long commutes may become as distant a memory as black and white TVs!

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