Jump Into Your Discomfort Zone to Succeed

jump into your discomfort zone--here on the bank is a crocodile

Some people love working a crowd. I, on the other hand, like to find a safe fringe on which to hang until I find someone I know, or, in the worst-case scenario, have a panic attack. So imagine my surprise when I recently acted as an impromptu greeter at a women’s event I attend! I don’t know what got into me, but I discovered that I actually enjoyed making someone else feel welcome. Who knew?

Jeff Haden, columnist extraordinaire, shares that as we become more successful and perceive that we have more to lose, we acquire protective layers that may actually be holding us back. He advocates “undressing for success,” taking bold steps to help us shed some of those fears that drag us down at work.

We all have something we avoid. Do you steer away from confrontation, have a hard time selling, hate speaking in public, or shy away from giving feedback to your direct reports? Then read this short article and choose to face one thing today that you’d otherwise typically avoid. Haden’s theory is that if we force ourselves to do the uncomfortable once, it will be a little easier the next time. Like jumping into a pool of cold water, you’ll “feel better about yourself, because you took control. You turn getting cold into something you did yourself; it no longer feels like something that was done to you.”

Does this mean I’ll become the official greeter at our women’s event? Probably not, but I’m actually looking forward to shaking another hand or two!

Looking for another tip on how to succeed at work? Connect with a mentor.

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