What to Look for: Hiring Structural Engineers

The modern world we enjoy today, with its awe-inspiring structures and infrastructures, is a testament to the vital role that structural engineers play in society. Whether it’s a skyscraper piercing the clouds, an elegant bridge spanning a river, or a sports stadium housing thousands of spectators, the skill and expertise of structural engineers are indubitably at the heart of these marvels.

As the need for more sustainable, resilient, and innovative structures continue to grow, so does the demand for proficient structural engineers. If you’re on the hiring team tasked with recruiting for this crucial role, you may wonder: what should you look for when hiring structural engineers?

Our team at Amtec is here to guide you through this process. We’ve curated a selection of core competencies based on our Behavioral Interview Questions Generator to help you identify top-notch candidates.

In-Depth Understanding of Engineering Principles

Structural engineers should demonstrate a solid grounding in core engineering principles. This includes expertise in areas such as statics, dynamics, mechanics of materials, structural analysis, and design of steel, concrete, timber, and masonry structures.

Proficiency in Computer-aided Design (CAD) and Engineering Software

In today’s digital age, structural engineers must be adept at using CAD and structural engineering software like AutoCAD, Revit, SAP2000, ETABS, or similar platforms. Such proficiency enables them to design, model, simulate, and analyze structures effectively.

Project Management Skills

Effective structural engineers often possess solid project management skills. They should be able to plan, organize, and execute projects within specified timelines and budgets, while also managing teams and resources efficiently.

Analytical and Problem-solving Skills

Structural engineering often involves complex calculations, data analysis, and problem-solving. A good structural engineer should be able to identify, analyze, and find efficient solutions to structural design problems.

Attention to Detail

Given the critical safety issues related to their work, structural engineers need to have a keen eye for detail. Any oversight or error can lead to serious consequences, so precision is key.

Strong Communication Skills

A structural engineer often needs to liaise with various stakeholders including clients, architects, construction personnel, and government officials. Therefore, strong verbal and written communication skills are crucial.

Creativity and Innovation

With growing demands for sustainable and aesthetically pleasing structures, creativity and innovation are increasingly important in structural engineering. Engineers who can devise innovative solutions or incorporate new materials and technologies can drive the field forward.

Compliance with Regulations

Structural engineers should have a deep understanding of local, state, and national building codes and regulations. They need to ensure their designs comply with these regulations while also meeting the project’s objectives.

Continuous Learning

Given the rapid advances in technology and industry practices, structural engineers must be committed to lifelong learning. They should stay updated with the latest developments in their field and continuously improve their skills and knowledge.

These core competencies can serve as a guide as you seek to hire a structural engineer. However, remember that every organization and project is unique. Therefore, your ideal candidate’s profile may vary depending on your specific needs and context.
Navigating the intricacies of the hiring process can be a challenging task. In the pursuit of acquiring the best talent, the journey often unfolds as a complex labyrinth filled with key decision points and potential pitfalls. However, you need not traverse this path alone. At Amtec, we recognize the difficulties you face and are fully prepared to lighten your load. By tapping into our 64 years of expertise in staffing services, we can effectively navigate this maze for you. With Amtec at your side, you can be confident in making informed hiring decisions that will lead to the successful growth of your organization. Let’s find your ideal talent together.

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