When Silence Is NOT Golden

person with finger to lips--Sshh!
Several years ago, a friend of mine was looking for work. She spent hours on the computer, combing the job boards and applying for positions she was qualified for. It was painful to watch how many responses she didn’t receieve.

Now, according to the experts at CareerBuilder, there’s evidence that not responding to applicants can actually harm your company’s reputation and even affect your bottom line.

The consequences of a negative candidate experience go beyond the potential loss of quality talent and injury to the employment reputation. The widely held belief is that there is a direct economic impact from treating applicants poorly. A separate CareerBuilder study from a few months ago found nearly a third of respondents saying they are less likely to purchase a product from a company that didn’t respond to their job application.

For more reasons to implement a candidate response system, read the full article.

Originally published on ere.net by John Zappe.

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