Structural Analyst

Minneapolis, MN, Minnesota

Job Type: Contractual
Minimum Experience: 5-5
Recruiter Name: Angelo Escalante, John Tayag, Khris Cruz, Melody Papa, Stephany Joy Pastrana

Job Description

Our client is seeking an experienced Structural-Dynamics analyst to work on a 6-month contract with our team at our Minneapolis location. The primary responsibilities would be working with one or more munitions and weapons programs to determine and meet their structural analysis needs. Our primary analysis tools are ABAQUS, NASTRAN, and HyperWorks.

Primary Responsibilities include:

• Working with staff analysts and program engineers to determine program analysis needs and determining the appropriate analysis tools for meeting the need

• Driving the analysis throughout the entire process, from choosing the appropriate tools and collecting the necessary inputs to performing the simulation on internal computing assets and other computations as needed

• Working with our internal materials group to gather or measure the needed material properties

• Providing detailed results and recommendations to the senior analyst and program engineers

• Preparing detailed reports of the analysis process for future use of the analysis group

Basic Qualifications

• Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent field

• 5-7 years of experience in structural analysis

• Experience using one or more of these analysis tools: ABAQUS, NASTRAN, HyperWorks

5-7 years of experience in structural analysis

Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering or equivalent field

Job Requirements

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