Staffing Manager

Chino Hills, CA

Full-time $40k - $120k total comp.

Job Description

  • Interface with clients to determine the following for their open position: position profile, “must-haves”, desired outcomes, education, experience, and preferred competencies.
  • Interact with internal sourcers to guide the sourcing of top candidates. Instruct them on all information gathered from the client, and be a guide and resource for their development as sourcers & recruiters.
  • Screen candidates on the phone and through thorough review of any additional documentation (questionnaires, reference letters, portfolios, etc.)
  • Submit candidates to the client. Submits should include a professional write-up and a resume. Information such as current employment situation, targeted compensation, location, and any knowledge that would be of interest to the client should also be included.
  • Schedule interviews between candidate and client, both on-site and on the phone. Prepare the candidate before the interview, and debrief with them after. Gather information and feedback from the client after each interview.
  • Be of constant influence to the candidate(s) and client when a decision is being made. This may involve negotiating salary, helping a candidate decide between multiple job offers & counter offers, advising a candidate on submitting a resignation notice appropriately, determining start date, and aiding client & candidate with onboarding process.
  • Aid client in running background checks and drug tests when necessary.
  • Resolve conflicts and issues that may arise with candidates and clients. Report regularly to management for guidance and progress reports.

Job Requirements

  • 2+ years of experience in a consultative selling environment or some equivalent high touch, sophisticated customer centric role.
  • 2+ years of experience in a customer service role. Customer service over the phone highly desired.
  • 2+ years of experience in a corporate environment. Experience as an HR representative, sales rep or internal/external recruiter desirable.
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