Amtec Offers Free Payrolling Service to Help Businesses Stay Open and People Employed

CHINO HILLS, Calif., April 30, 2020: Virtually every business in the U.S. has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and the requirements to comply with health and safety regulations. This had a dramatic impact on business finance and has required companies to make hard decisions while trying to stay open and keep their employees working wherever possible.

In this climate, Amtec wants to remind the business community that other innovative options are available to help reduce operational costs and increase their sustainability. In that spirit, the company is making an unprecedented offer.

To help businesses remain open and their employees working, or ready to return to work on a moment’s notice, Amtec is offering their payrolling service with no markup until May 31 for most positions.

“In light of this dramatic economic downturn, we are offering our payrolling services at no cost through May 31,” said Scott Kuethen, CEO of Amtec. “It is our hope and prayer that this will help participating companies survive in the short term and thrive as our economy begins to rebound.”

Utilizing Amtec’s payrolling services can save companies up to 40%. This offer provides significant additional savings.

“We are working with many companies who have done some amazing things to keep their businesses operating and employees working safely, and we are so happy to be part of that journey,” added Kuethen. “Many companies are not aware of these services that can help streamline business and save internal operating costs. Our decision to help by eliminating our markup for payrolling services is intended to keep more people employed as long as possible.”

Payrolling is a service that saves companies time and money by shifting the risk and the time- consuming tasks of managing payroll, insurance and benefits to Amtec. The employee’s workday or position does not change, but Amtec becomes the employer of record and manages the administrative tasks of payroll, workers’ compensation, state and federal taxes, unemployment taxes and benefits.

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