Recruitment Process Outsourcing

For additional cost savings and increased outsourcing capacity, Amtec specializes in delivering top-level offshore recruiting personnel to companies seeking a cost-effective expansion of their in-house RPO team.

  • Pay monthly
  • Dedicated recruiting
  • Resume database access

Why Outsource with Amtec to Meet Increased Hiring Demand?

  • Expand your team with top-notch staff who are team players, communicate well, and serve as an extension of your organization.
  • Increase productivity while controlling your costs—without staffing headaches.
  • Secure the best talent while covering all payroll services and employee administration with an outsourced solution.
  • RPO is ideal for staffing call centers, customer service, accounting, marketing, and more.
  • Provide expertly trained offshore recruiting specialists that provide three times the recruiting power for the price of one U.S. recruiter.
  • Seamlessly scale RPO hiring up or down as needed.
  • Ensure compliance with hiring practice laws and regulations.
  • Take advantage of government initiatives and programs that support employers.

Amtec customizes RPO solutions designed to meet each client’s unique employment needs and offers expert offshore recruiting specialists for additional cost savings.

Turn to Amtec to Discover an RPO Option that Works for Your Company

Whether you rely on Amtec as your stand-alone outsourcing partner or integrate Amtec recruiters into your human resources team, our RPO Process ensures that you’ll be recruiting “A-Team” professionals. Amtec RPO services are supported by more than 60 years of experience and a flexible approach that lets us tailor RPO models that work for each company’s unique outsourcing needs. Whatever the model, Amtec RPO recruiters provide cost savings and reduced times to hire.

Amtec Specializes in Delivering Top-Notch Offshore Recruiting Professionals

Our expertly trained offshore recruiters provide three times the recruiting power for the price of one U.S. recruiter. This can result in a 30% reduction in recruiting costs or a three-to-one increase in recruiting capacity.

While based offshore, Amtec screens these recruitment experts as vigorously as it does candidates for direct hire or contract placement. As with our own in-house recruiters, our offshore recruiters receive in-depth, comprehensive training from top industry experts. Amtec also covers employee administration and payroll services for your offshore RPO talent.

Let Amtec Customize an RPO Solution for your Outsourcing Needs

With headquarters in California and regional offices throughout the West and in the Philippines, Amtec serves companies in the Southwest, Northwest, central U.S. and beyond.

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