10 Tips to Motivate Yourself

Procrastinating is so easy to do, yet so hard to recover from. From childhood, my bedroom floor was a constant mound of clothes, especially sweaters. Suddenly, when I was 10, a light when on when I realized that if I hung up my sweater right when I took it off, I wouldn’t have to deal with an overwhelming pile of them later.

Sometimes, self-motivation is just plain hard, especially at work where we are paralyzed by too many projects with looming deadlines. That’s where these reminders from Mike Moore can come in handy. Here’s one of my favorites:

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Wisdom helps us avoid making mistakes and comes from making a million of them.

Want to jump-start your self-motivation? Read the full article, then write a card with your favorite tips, and tape it to your computer screen!

Originally published on topachievement.com by Mike Moore.

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