10 Ways to Make Your Employees Quit

Several years ago, a friend of mine suddenly quit her job at a fast-food place. I was shocked at her seemingly rash decision, until she explained that the new boss had repeatedly been verbally abusive, not to her, but to a vulnerable new employee. Although my assistant manager friend had expected to grow with the company, when the boss continued to behave badly in spite of her courage to speak up, she realized her future lay elsewhere.

While such extreme behavior may not be occurring in your workplace, it does raise the question, Is your leadership making your direct reports want to stay or quit? Tlnt.com writer Mel Kleiman has come up with a great list of 10 ways to guarantee your best people will quit. Among my favorites are to treat everyone equally and have dumb rules. You’ll want to read the full article to get the reasons behind his make-’em-quit strategies. Obviously, they’re written tongue-in-cheek, but you’ll undoubtedly see a little bit of yourself in at least one of his top ten!

Imagine how motivated you would be if your boss came in to your office today and told you how vital your contribution is to the organization! As your employees’ manager, Mel advises, you need to express to new employees that they were carefully chosen and you’re glad they’re on board. To convince them to stay, communicate that they’re part of a great organization, and tell them why their job particularly contributes to the success of the company.

Click here to see if you have the traits of an authentic leader.

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