3 Steps to Recruiting Success

Businesses of all sizes are looking for qualified candidates to fill open jobs. While hiring employees or contractors can be a very rewarding process, it can also be time consuming and  resource-intensive. In this blog post, we’ll describe 3 simple steps that will help you achieve your recruitment goals successfully.

Step One: Job Posting Generator

If you’re trying to recruit top talent, you need to know how to write a great job post. Our job posting generator makes it easy for you to create an expertly written, professional-looking post that will attract the right candidates. It also lets you speed up your hiring process. Our template allows you to customize your job post by choosing relevant inputs such as job title, location, compensation and more. The generator will populate the information and give you a great job post ready to be published. Customize it even more by adding your company logo and social media links, as well as a brand mission. 

Next, promote your new listing on social media and job posting sites. Be sure to include a link back to the listing so they can easily apply.

Step Two: Recruiter Network

The next step to recruiting success is to have a recruiting network. Recruiters are your best source for finding candidates, so it makes sense to cultivate relationships with other recruiters who can refer their candidates to you. The key is to be proactive about building these relationships. A great way to start is by joining the Recruiter Network on LinkedIn — it’s free! Having a recruiting network also means knowing people who can refer candidates who might be a good fit for your company.

Our agency’s job is to attract, identify, qualify, hire, and retain the absolute best direct hires for your team. We do this by leveraging our unique access to top talent and a recruiting network across all industries, as well as our proprietary tools and processes that help us deliver exceptional results for clients every time. Our direct hire recruiters strategies an approach to each company we work with by customizing recruitment tools and more. 

Our direct hire recruiters only work with top-notch professionals who are passionate about their work and eager to learn new skills. This means they can contribute right away — and continue to grow with your company long after they start. 

Sometimes, you just need a few extra hands for a short period of time. Maybe you’re overwhelmed with a big project and need to outsource some aspects of it. Or maybe your team is spread out across the country and you need some help in another city.

Our staffing recruiters can quickly find highly qualified contractors to help you finish short- or long-term projects, seasonal work, or to fill any gaps in your team. We work with businesses of all sizes, from startups to larger firms seeking full-time employees for long-term contracts or permanent roles.

 If you are looking for temporary staff for an event or project or need an experienced contractor on an ongoing basis, our staffing recruiters can connect you with a network of skilled professionals who have been pre-screened by us based on their skillsets and abilities.

Step Three: Behavioral Interview Questions

Finally, include behavioral interview questions in your interview process. Behavioral interview questions are used to uncover how candidates have handled challenges in their previous roles. They help hiring managers understand how candidates will respond in future situations. Recruiting is not a one-size-fits-all process. Each company has its own culture and set of values, so you need to understand what works best for your business. At Amtec, we’ve created a Behavioral Interview Questions Generator to help you learn what you really need to know about candidates so you can make better hiring decisions and ultimately build a higher-performing team.

Start by selecting up to 10 competencies you’d like to see in your new team member. Once you submit the form we’ll send you your custom guide including helpful questions and instructions on how to score your candidates. For example, if you’re looking for someone who takes initiative and is proactive, you can ask questions such as:

  • Tell me about a work situation where you realized that you needed additional skills or training to improve your output. What did you do?
  • ​​In the past at work, have you ever observed opportunities to make improvements and acted upon them? Please describe how you’ve managed to make changes while working within the company structure. Give examples of specific opportunities and what you did.
  • Can you give an example of a time when you correctly anticipated a need or problem and did something about it before others were aware? What was the situation? How did you act? What was the outcome?

You can expect up to three questions per competency you’re looking for. 

The secret to recruiting success

The secret to recruiting success is simply to plan for it. By dedicating time and resources to hiring the right person, and by taking advantage of our tools, your team will uncover the perfect fit for your organization. At Amtec, we have detailed understanding of each sector we serve, as well as the distinct employment markets that support them. Companies that partner with Amtec find that the experience enhances their employment perspective. An outsider examination of a company’s professional needs provides a fresh objective look at business operations and employment needs. Partner with Amtec to secure the best talent for your professional needs.

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