4 Ways to a More Relaxing Weekend!

Are your weekends usually as busy as your weekdays? This morning, I literally felt paralyzed by the stack of papers waiting for my attention. Between sprinkler repairs, building projects, home improvement store runs, sprinkler repairs (yes, we have a lot of irrigation disruptions!), church commitments, homework, and visiting with family and friends, our weekends often include a lot less naps than we’d prefer! But what can we do to slow down?

For one thing, try scheduling some time to relax, advises one writer. If you make relaxation one of your top 5 priorities this weekend, it’s more likely to happen. Read these 4 practical tips to make your life–especially your weekend–a little more manageable. With the time you save, you might just get to take that nap!

Article originally published on mypanera.panerabread.com.

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