5 Things Great Recruitment Agencies Will Never Do

A business friend recently called us for advice. He had just received a bill from a dishonest recruitment firm for services he had never requested. Sorting out the misunderstanding took more attention than he had to give. As you too may have discovered, a staffing agency can be either your best friend or a drag on your resources, time, and energy.  Here are 5 things great recruitment agencies will never do if they are truly acting as your staffing partner:

1. They won’t mislead you. Some staffing companies will call and pretend to have a qualified candidate available to send as soon as you agree to partner with them. But after they get a signed contract, they’ll call back and say that the candidate took another job but they’ll keep looking.

An Amtec recruiter will never call you pretending to have a qualified candidate for the open position you just advertised. We may tell you about a candidate we’ve actually just worked with, but we never assume anything without first learning exactly what you need in a new employee.

2. They won’t overpromise. In an effort to get a signed contract, a staffing agency may sometimes make promises it can’t keep, such as meeting an impossible deadline or finding you a “purple squirrel” (a really hard-to-find candidate).

At Amtec, we’re confident in our ability to source professional and technical candidates because we’ve been doing it since 1959. But one of our core values is integrity, so if we don’t think we can deliver what you’re asking, we’ll be up front and say so. It doesn’t mean we aren’t willing to try, but we’re careful not to promise you the moon if we don’t believe it’s available.

3. They won’t do a resume dump. Some recruitment agencies will run a quick search of keywords just to send you the first bunch of unscreened resumes that initially look good but ultimately don’t provide quality candidates who are truly a good fit.

We take pride in not wasting your time. Our staffing managers spend time actively listening to your needs with the goal of delivering the ideal candidate for your exact job.

4. They won’t play favorites. As the facilitator of making great matches, we represent both you, the employer, and the candidates we place. This means we’ll do our best to keep candidates from misleading or taking advantage of you. We’ll also do our best to ensure that the candidates with whom you interact are treated with the same professionalism, care, and respect that they’d receive from you. One way we do this is to provide you with an objective compensation report defining the market rate for your open position.

5. They won’t poach your employees. The labor market is extremely competitive right now, and professional candidates are increasingly in demand. Some staffing companies wouldn’t think twice about luring away an employee they placed at your company, if he or she is even half-considering a new job (which many employees do).

At Amtec, it’s in our contract–and in our code of ethics–that we won’t market new opportunities to any employees we place at your company. We believe a house divided against itself cannot stand.

What’s the biggest takeaway from these 5 things great recruitment agencies will never do? For your next hire, choose a recruitment firm that treats both you and your candidates with a high level of respect. A staffing agency that wants you both to succeed is best qualified to help you find A Players who are a great match.

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Amtec is a long-time member of California Staffing Professionals which exists in part to increase the professionalism of its members. CSP has adopted rigid standards of ethical practice that all members have agreed to follow. These standards ensure that CSP members conduct their businesses in a legal, ethical and self-regulated manner that honestly serves the dual consumers of private placement services.

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