5 Trends for Recruiting IT Candidates

US map of hot spots for IT jobs

According to a recent whitepaper by Reputation Capital Media, there are 5 hot trends to consider as employers recruit for IT positions. As new technologies emerge, tech businesses grow, and the skills gap widens, employers competing for the same candidates will rely more heavily on staffing agencies to find the qualified talent they need.

Summary of the trends:

1) The demand for IT recruits is increasing as the tech industry continues to expand and the app-development market has created lower barriers of entry with decreasing production prices and increasing demand.

2) IT jobs are moving back onshore as overseas tech talent costs rise and outsourcing declines for the third year in a row.

3) IT labor is becoming more flexible as studies show that contract work is at an all-time high, especially in the IT industry.

4) Social media and mobile technologies are reaching more candidates as workers increasingly use their mobile devices for job search.

5) The hottest IT jobs are mobile apps, security, and UX design since the mobile and tablet-computer market is booming.

“The shortage of qualified workers is a serious issue in the tech industry…It has become apparent that the Asian job markets such as China and India will not offer the limitless supply of cheap tech-talent that was once hoped…Candidates are aware of their value and it is important for recruiters to become familiar with their changing expectations and communication habits. Understanding industry trends will allow recruiters to access new pools of talent and to effectively engage these audiences.”

Whitepaper by Reputation Capital Media.

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