5 Ways to Recruit, Retain, and Untap the Power of Moms

If you’re a recruiter, you’ve probably noticed an interesting trend in the talent pool. Top-ranked candidates are increasingly likely to be mothers in the workforce. And top performers at this segment are known for their professionalism, engagement and strong work ethic. Now, top recruiting agencies are taking note of this segment. The characteristics that employers look for in such candidates are strikingly similar to those sought out by employees who have little or no children around the house: great communication skills, high attention to detail and thoroughness, as well as a sense of commitment and drive. Want more tech talent? Start recruiting mothers. 

Recruiting mothers in the workforce has always been a challenge, but during the COVID-19 pandemic it became more difficult as women needed to leave the workforce in record numbers. The values of employees who are moms have shifted from the impacts of COVID. Working mothers comprised nearly a third of the female workforce in the United States in 2020. Before the pandemic, one survey shows that mothers in the workplace registered with higher ambition than their peers. The pandemic impacted that ambition, pushing about 33% of working mothers to consider downshifting their career. In order to bring mothers back into the workforce, many top recruiting agencies are looking at new ways to attract and retain these valuable employees. Here at Amtec, our recruiting staff has identified the values of employees who are moms and how you can recruit them into your workforce. 

Moms are great workers: they are organized, focused and work hard to balance family with their careers. Whether they’re just starting their careers or returning to the workforce after taking time off to raise children, mothers in the workforce bring experience and knowledge that can be an asset to any team. They know how to juggle responsibilities, plan ahead, and make a home run on a tight deadline. They’re used to working in fast-paced environments and responding quickly to unexpected challenges. What does this mean for your business? It means that you have access to a wealth of talented, experienced candidates who are eager to prove themselves and make their mark on your company. It also means that this is the perfect time to start thinking about how you can position yourself as an employer of choice among moms.

We understand that it’s not always easy to create a work environment that accommodates the needs of parents, especially since both mothers and fathers often have unique challenges in the workplace. But there are some simple things you can do right now to show mothers in the workforce that you’re invested in their lives outside of work, too.

5 Ways to Untap the Power of Moms at Your Company

At Amtec, we’ve identified the values of employees who are moms and outlined a ways you can attract, retain, and benefit from the powers of moms.

1. Work-Life Balance

Provide mothers with work-life balance support in regard to how their work-time is scheduled. Moms value their families just as much as they value work. Work-life balance could be in the form of empowering mothers to work remotely from home some days. Another way is to offer a compressed 4-day schedule or a 5-day schedule that includes a half-day. A measure of balance is for parents to be able to show up for important events for their children like soccer games, awards ceremonies, or school plays. 

2. Childcare Options

Offer onsite childcare or backup childcare options: Another way to attract parents is by offering onsite daycare. Yes, we know what you’re thinking: “I’m not running a preschool!” But your company doesn’t necessarily have to provide all of the care itself. What you can do instead is create partnerships with existing daycare facilities that can set up shop onsite at your office.

3. Healthcare Coverage

Provide healthcare coverage that includes mental health services: Mental health is an integral part of overall health and well-being. Including mental health services in your company’s healthcare plan will increase employee satisfaction and help cut down on absenteeism due to stress, depression, and other conditions that may create significant barriers for working parents.

4. Highlight Parental Benefits

Offer paid parental benefits: Make it clear in job descriptions that you offer benefits like paid maternity or paternity leave, flex time, and remote work options. This way, potential candidates who are parents will know right away that your company values their family life in addition to their professional life.

5. Encourage flexible schedules

We understand that “flexible work hours” is an intimidating phrase for companies that are used to a more traditional 9-to-5 structure. Moms want understanding when their child gets sick, and they want job security to ensure the well-being of their family. “Flexible work hours” isn’t the same thing as “chaos and uncertainty.” If you’re able to hire top talent who happens to be a parent, it’s because there are people who know how to create systems and structures that accommodate different schedules—people who still get things done within established deadlines and keep projects on track.

In addition to the above, encourage your managers to talk about parenthood if they’re comfortable doing so—it will show mothers in the workforce that they don’t need to hide this part of themselves from their employers. This also sets a great foundation for open and honest communication. At Amtec, we’ve come to understand the values of employees who are moms, and know how employers can benefit greatly from this talent pool. Let us partner with you for individualized help for finding potential candidates. 

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