7 Tips for Communicating With an Overbearing Manager

We’ve probably all known managers who hide in their office and avoid everyone, or managers who want to be everyone’s friend. They can be a challenge to work with. But an overbearing manager with high demands and low sensitivity seems impossible to please. What can we do?

Here’s an article with 7 suggestions for improving your communication with your overbearing manager. Read Tip 3, for example:

Maintain an even tone whenever you speak with your manager even if his communication style upsets you. For example, if he interrupts you, pause and let him speak while stilling any negative emotions you feel. When he is finished, express yourself. If he keeps interrupting you, express yourself in writing instead. Or, if you must, tactfully interrupt him by saying that you have something important to say, which he might thank you for later.

If you can’t picture yourself being assertive enough to interrupt your boss, there are still 6 other great tips for communicating with an overbearing boss. Check them out here, and see if they can help your situation!

Got a phone interview coming up? Congrats! These tips can help!

Article originally published on work.chron.com by Natalie Grace.

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