8 Qualities of an Ideal 2013 Candidate

Several of our friends have recently been laid off. Depending upon their financial positions, some are content to wait and see what comes up. One proactive friend has enrolled in ongoing education to increase his marketability, because the world has changed and new skills are going to be required in his next job. When the time comes, he wants to be seen as the ideal candidate.

Whether you are currently employed or searching for a job, or you’re an employer who’s looking to hire effective employees, our rapidly changing world is going to affect you, according to Kazim Ladimeji. “These forces are placing significant and varied demands on workers and professionals, and to thrive, survive, and deliver within the workplace, professionals must evolve and develop new skills and qualities.”

Employers, do you wonder what new skills and qualities might be critical for your next candidates to possess? And candidates, what skills and qualities will you need to have to stay marketable? Ladimeji lists 8 necessary qualities to look for or develop in yourself. Here’s my Reader’s Digest Condensed Version:

  1. Flexibility–being able to respond quickly to changes
  2. Adaptability–being able to let go of old ways and adjust to new methods
  3. Intercultural Adaptability–understanding and accepting different cultural viewpoints
  4. Generational Flexibility–being able to work alongside four generations collaboratively
  5. Early Adopting Technology Evaluator–the ability to spot, evaluate and deploy new technologies to give your company an edge
  6. Collaborator/Team Worker–the ability to form cohesive teams
  7. Able to Spot an Opportunity/Customer Centric–being able to engage clients and do your regular job too
  8. Leadership Flexibility–the ability to utilize several different leadership approaches as needed

Ladimeji gives full explanations for each, so you’ll want to read the full article here. As our world continues to rapidly change, these are the traits we must all develop in ourselves and encourage in others. It’s time to get to work!

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By Marcianne Kuethen

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