8 Timeless Business Principles

This morning before work, I carried several boxes of give-away stuff down the stairs to the entryway to take to 3-Way Thrift, our local thrift store. It always amazes me how many things we thought had lasting value but now we no longer have any use for–shoes, clothes, mini-blinds, binders, hats, and especially magazines that we never found the time to read!

But some things don’t ever go out of style. Jeff Haden of inc.com lists 8 business principles that will always be true. Here’s one of my favorites:

Focus…on collecting knowledgeable people. You can’t know everything. But you can know enough smart people that together you know almost everything. And, together, do almost anything. Work hard on getting smarter. Work harder on getting smart people on your side.

Individually, I could not accomplish every task on my plate here at work. But we are truly a collection of knowledgeable employees whose shared various strengths achieve far greater things than the sum of our individual accomplishments. I’m sure your organization is the same–what you produce as a whole is probably far greater than the total of what you each could produce individually. Teamwork is a remarkable thing and makes work so much more enjoyable.

But what’s not so enjoyable is what we don’t achieve…and why we don’t achieve it. On the subject of ideas, Haden says, “Every day we let hesitation and uncertainty stop us from acting on our ideas. Fear of the unknown and fear of failure are what stop me, and may be what stops you, too.”

What’s the cure? For the answer, plus seven more timeless business principles, read Haden’s full article here. It will renew your perspective and encourage you to take action!

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By Marcianne Kuethen

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