A Letter From the Millennial Candidate You’re About to Interview

In the current candidate’s market, you will never receive the following letter, but here’s what many of your knowledge worker candidates ages 35 and under are really thinking:

Dear Business Owner, HR Department, or Hiring Manager:

I have an interview with you in a few minutes, and I’m hoping that when you and I are finished speaking, I’ll have an answer to the question, Why should I join your organization? Right now, there are several open positions for which I’m qualified, and I really want to choose the right company for my next career move.

I hope that, in the time we have together, you’ll give me a clear picture of your company culture, because I’m looking for a good fit where I can thrive and feel connected. Can you tell me what sets your organization apart from the several that have contacted me? Do you offer younger employees a mentorship program or forums where we can give feedback and express our goals and concerns? I looked on your website today, but it was hard to get a feel for what your work environment is like. Please be transparent so I can make an informed decision.

Unlike my parents, who’ve worked at the same jobs for years so they can safely retire, I’m open to changing jobs frequently. I need to find meaning beyond the work itself if I’m going to stay. Does your organization’s product improve people’s lives or support any causes that are making a difference in the world? I’m also looking for a better work/life balance than my parents have had.

Since I’ll be leaving a secure job with a fair wage, I also need you to tell me about your organization’s past accomplishments and plans for the future. This will help me to understand what ways I can contribute and whether there is growth potential for us both. I’m not moving just to make more money, although I do know what my skill set is worth today. Do you offer development and training opportunities so I can increase my value as an asset in the marketplace?

If you leave me with a good impression of your company and treat me courteously throughout the interview process, even if you ultimately don’t think I’m right for the job, I may put in a good word for you with my friends. We Millennials now represent the largest share of the U.S. workforce. A lot of my college buddies are in the same field as I am, and we’ve all been getting calls from recruiters eager to set us up with interviews.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to get to know you and your organization. I’ll look forward to speaking with you soon.



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