A Temp Job Could Lead to Permanent Work

by Marcianne Kuethen
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There are lots of reasons why some professionals prefer the flexibility of temporary work–for example, an upcoming vacation or the promise of a job offer that hasn’t quite yet materialized. Others hope to gain more practical experience or acquire new skills to prepare them for the job they’re targeting later in their career. But many temporary/contract workers are hoping for regular full-time work. However, one phenomenon of our slowly recovering economy is that more companies are offering temporary positions rather than regular full-time ones. For workers who really want a full-time position, now there’s good news in store.

Recently, the American Staffing Association (ASA) conducted an online survey  interviewing 11,969 current and former temporary or contract employees who had worked for 275 staffing companies. Here are a few encouraging facts about temporary staffing that were gleaned from the survey:

1. A High Level of Satisfaction. 9 out of 10 staffing employees were satisfied with their experience being a temporary/contract worker. Since job satisfaction improves employee engagement, this is great news for both workers and employers.

2. A Higher Level of Employability. Nearly 9 out of 10 said that their experience made them more employable because it helped develop or improve work skills, strengthened their resume, gave them on-the-job experience, and/or helped them get their foot in the door for a permanent job. Check out this graphic:

3. An Effective Bridge to Permanent Employment. Nearly every respondent said that they wanted a permanent job. Of those for whom obtaining a permanent job was their top priority, 99% were successful in landing one!

Since Amtec has been recruiting to bring companies and top talent together since 1959, we can vouch for another proven benefit of temporary/contract work: In essence, both employee and employer get to have an extended working interview. This trial period clarifies whether the professional is a good culture fit, enjoys the work, and is truly qualified to do it, resulting in an informed decision about whether to extend and accept a job offer.

The survey results bring good news for employees and employers alike. Says the ASA, “When Americans want permanent jobs, temporary and contract assignments provide the bridge they need to secure the employment they want. The findings also show that for workers seeking flexibility, the staffing industry offers that, too. These attributes contribute to the overwhelmingly high satisfaction level reported by staffing employees.” So if you’re a candidate who’s been hesitating to try contract work, or an employer who isn’t sure about hiring a temporary worker, stop missing out now!

Candidates, do we have the most current version of your resume? If not, click here to post it.

Employers, click here or call (714) 993-1900 to request an employee or discuss a workforce management issue. And be sure to thank your contract/temporary workers during National Staffing Employee Week!

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