Amtec Beats the San Francisco Giants!

CHINO HILLS, CA (April 2014)–Amtec, a leading professional recruiting firm, has been honored to receive Frost & Sullivan’s 2014 CIO Impact Award for Unified Communication. Scott Kuethen, CEO of the 55-year-old staffing firm, has been recognized for successful implementation of Fonality’s tools to support growth in the Philippines and Pacific Northwest. He credits Amtec’s CIO, Chris Bardos, with the actual strategy and implementation.

The recruiting agency, originally based in Orange County, has experienced steady growth since its inception in 1959, but outgrew its basic phone system in 2012 when its number of phone users accelerated from 54 to 90. Now headquartered in Chino Hills, Amtec interacts daily with its international team as well as numerous U.S. customers and candidates. Having a dependable phone system is vital to maintaining the staffing company’s business relationships.

CIO Chris Bardos carefully analyzed the existing system and found that it was problem-ridden, unreliable, and not cost-effective. The new system he designed uses only U.S.-based hardware, and is simpler, redundant, elegant, and infinitely more reliable. Bardos’s new system saves Amtec thousands of dollars monthly and effectively unifies communications across the globe.

Amtec was chosen as one of six companies to receive the CIO Impact Award. The six companies were ranked for effectiveness, and Amtec’s system was ranked in first place, with the San Francisco Giants’ coming in second!

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About Amtec

Amtec helps companies hire better using its superior hiring process for professional recruiting. With offices in Oregon, Southern California, and the Philippines, the 55-year-old company focuses on serving mid-sized employers throughout the West Coast. Amtec offers a range of recruiting services to fill Contract, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, and Direct Hire positions.

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