Amtec Launches Payroll Services Promotion in the Orange County Business Journal

Amtec’s new payroll services promotion is a great example of an opportunity that needs to be known and shared. That is why they have placed a full-page advertorial ad in the April 27 edition of the Orange County Business Journal. When faced with the choice to roll over or stand up, our recruitment firm is doing everything we can to make a positive difference to the business community and job seekers we have served for 61 years.

The advertorial, “The New Business Normal,” addresses the enemy we all face in COVID-19 and offers compassionate help to employers who have had to lay off workers due to the hardship the pandemic has created. By offering payroll services at 0% markup through May 31, it is Amtec’s hope that many businesses will be able to reinstate team members whom they were forced to furlough due to budget cuts.

In light of the federal PPP loan it received, Amtec has reinstated and is paying the wages of all of its contract workers who were laid off by employers impacted by COVID-19. Not only will this provide them much-needed financial assistance, but it will also keep these employees available for their possible swift return to their assignments when the lockdown is lifted. We continue to be committed to serving the best interests of our clients and the professionals whom we have placed at different places of employment.

Even in difficult times, gratitude and laughter can always be found. The OCBJ editorial is no exception–it features some humorous COVID-19 anecdotes, which you can enjoy reading here, along with its special payroll services offer.

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