An Example of Teamwork, Company Culture, and Customer Service

Are you looking for an example of teamwork, company culture, and customer service? Every Tuesday evening after work, one of us stops by a fast food place to pick up dinner for our family. One of my favorite places to go is Bravo Burgers in Chino Hills–not just because the food is good. If that were the only reason, I would go through the drive-through window. No, I like to walk in and order in person for the pleasure of interacting with whomever is working behind the counter. Every Bravo employee I’ve ever met is so friendly and has a way of making customers feel like they belong.

Tonight, I was greeted with a big smile by a new worker whom I’d never seen before. Then Savvas, the manager, came out and greeted me warmly. As usual, we chatted about our families as he took my order, remembering, as always, that my husband likes strawberry shakes. Then, while he and his crew worked like clockwork to fulfill several orders, Savvas was greeted by another customer who obviously feels as if he, too, belongs.

As he poured milk into my coffee, I asked him, “How do you do it, Savvas? How is it that every person you hire is so friendly?”

He answered, “I don’t know how I do it–I just know.”

“Do you have a set of special questions you ask when you interview people?” I prodded, always eager to learn what hiring practices work for employers.

“No, I just ask about their previous work experience,” he replied with a smile.”But I hire for personality.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, wanting to understand the magic.

“You know, I can train anyone how to cook, use the machines, run the cash register, and take orders, but I can’t train their personality,” explained Savvas. “I watch their face while they tell me about what they did at the last place they worked. I can tell if their smile is genuine or not.”

“Well, you sure seem to hire the best people,” I said. “I could go through the drive-through window, but I like coming inside because your people are always so friendly.”

“Yes, I had one guy who worked here for three-and-a-half years, and everyone just loved him. He finally moved on a couple of months ago, but everyone misses him and keeps asking where he is!”

His crew completed my order, with Savvas checking to make sure our hot sauce and a free soup sample were included! I wondered aloud how on earth I was going to carry three bags and my coffee. Before I could finish my sentence, Savvas picked up my bags and said, “Let me help you out to your car!”

Tonight, our meal tasted even better than usual. The magic was not in the recipe, but in the attitude of the hands that prepared, packed, and served it, from the manager to the new cashier. If you’re looking for an example of teamwork, company culture, and customer service, I highly recommend a visit to Bravo Burgers, where genuine care is served with every order.

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