An Interviewer’s Advice to Candidates

What can you do to stand out in your next interview?

I always enjoy overhearing our recruiters giving advice to candidates who are about to go on an interview. They say things like, “Make sure you go online and learn a little more about the company before you go,” and, “Be sure to dress professionally.” What I can’t hear, but can only imagine, is the unspoken wish of every candidate: If only the interviewer would tell me exactly what they want from me!

Now you can climb into the mind of an experienced interviewer! Jeff Haden has written another great article, “What Interviewers Wish They Could Tell Every Job Candidate.” He makes several of the same great points we share with our candidates. One of those is to do what you can to stand out, since it can be difficult for an interviewer to remember you specifically when they’re screening a large number of candidates. Here’s part of Haden’s advice on how to be unforgettable:

In short, I may remember you by “hooks” – whether flattering or unflattering – so use that to your advantage. Your hook could be your clothing, or an outside interest, or an unusual fact about your upbringing or career. Better yet your hook could be the project you pulled off in half the expected time or the huge sale you made. Instead of letting me choose, give me one or two notable ways to remember you.

If you read Kristen Patterson’s recent post about the unforgettable candidate who wore red stilettos, you can appreciate Haden’s suggestions for acceptable ways to be memorable! (If I were interviewing you, would Haden say it’s acceptable for you to bring me popcorn? Darn it, probably not!) We all want you to succeed because, just like you, we have a lot invested in helping you achieve the milestone of getting an interview–and acing it! So if you’d like to be prepared and learn what your interviewer wishes they could tell you, click here.

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