Avoid the Regret of Quitting Your Job

Have you ever quit a job because of some negative aspect, and then lived to regret it? I have. To this day, I wish I’d stayed and worked out the issue and faced my fears. But instead, I moved on, lost friends, had to reestablish my credibility at my new job, and ended up carrying a sense of failure which took me years to overcome.

If you’re thinking about moving to greener pastures because of a difficult situation at work, you may want to reconsider. Dr. Marla Gottschalk wisely points out the long-term gain achieved by going face to face with short-term pain. Here’s one of her tips:

There are always associated investments with beginning a new job, such as learning organizational mores and building a network of support. You leave the benefits of being established behind, when you move on.

Where was she when I needed advice? Before you jump ship, read the full article to help you take into account all aspects of your situation.

Article originally published on linkedin.com by Dr. Marla Gottschalk.

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