Boost Employee Morale With…Lunch?

After reading countless articles on employee retention, the truth is finally out: All your employees really want is lunch! A new survey demonstrates that the way to your employees’ hearts is not by giving huge raises or recognizing their many achievements–it’s through their stomachs.

I could’ve told you this a long time ago. When I was in college, I worked part-time at a local engineering company. I couldn’t wait to get to work! They had potlucks for birthdays, holidays, promotions, goodbye parties…it was food heaven, and because I was young, I could indulge all I wanted! I discovered that I’m highly motivated by food, a personal trend that has continued on in every company for which I’ve worked. If they say lunch is included, I’m definitely showing up for that meeting! (At our recruiting firm, employee retention levels are very high. Could it be because we’re often treated to birthday lunches such as 3-foot-long burritos, or bakery snacks like cookies or cupcakes? Or is it the foosball table in the accounting office? Hmmm….)

If you don’t believe it, read the full article here. Then plan a day this week where you treat your team to something food-ish, whether it’s a full-on spread, a tub of ice cream, or a budget-friendly bowl of popcorn. You’ll see–food makes people happy!

Need an achievable exercise routine to work off all those snacks at the office? You can do this one in your cubicle!

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