Bridging the Skills Gap

By Lance Gilbert, Business Development Manager

With the rapid pace of technological development, it is an ever present challenge for candidates to stay current on skills, education, and certifications.  We see a high demand for very talented people, many of whom find it severely daunting to maintain an edge on their hold in the job market. What was once a seamless transition from an undergraduate college into a long-term career track can now become a multifaceted, enigmatic, and often problematic job search at any point in one’s professional development.

The career track has shifted from a very linear progression to a forked, divergent, and sometimes convoluted series of events and sequences.  As ever increasing numbers of companies shift policy regarding training budgets, it becomes significantly more important for you as a candidate to stay apace of industry developments to ensure you are current, to the best possible degree, on job requirements and industry standards. Skills change, industries change, and so can you.

At Amtec, we foster career development, skill improvement, and successful hires through foresight and persistence.  With diligent staffing management and genuinely compassionate recruiting, we seek to streamline the hire track process and give you greater visibility into your marketability, opportunity, and success.

For example, as a recent candidate was preparing for the interview process, it became apparent that his skills with a CAD software toolset were a bit dated and rusty.  We quickly developed a preparation strategy that included a skills refresher through a weekend of independent software training exercises.  While the candidate did not, ultimately, get this particular job, he was subsequently offered a different job in a contract position within his area of expertise–all because he took the initiative, on Amtec’s recommendation, to bridge the skills gap.

Keeping up with changes in the job market can be tough, but Amtec strives to help you move forward in your career. Our goal is to help bridge the skills gap, making a great match between you and an prospective employer with an eye toward longevity and success.

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