Business Etiquette for Social Media Recruitment

mean girls (Lindsay Lohan and gang)

Kids can say such mean things. In elementary school, whenever I got made fun of, I remember replying, “Sticks and stones may hurt my bones, but words can never hurt me!” What a dumb saying! Who are we trying to fool? Words can hurt, and social media sites make it easier than ever to broadcast hurtful things to a huge audience.

Using social media to attract new candidates to your company is a great idea. But when you consider that your company’s reputation is on the line (literally online!), it’s worth becoming aware of some guidelines for etiquette before you or one of your employees makes a very public mistake.

Here’s one of author Amy Chulik’s tips:

Don’t write anything you wouldn’t want broadcast to the universe. Because by posting in the Internet, well, that’s essentially what you’re doing. Refrain from posting anything that you wouldn’t want your candidates, employees, mother, father, kids, or boss to read; remember, as an employee representing your company — or as someone communicating directly as your company spokesperson — everything you do and say reflects on the business. Employers may be more notorious for complaining about their employers, but there are plenty of things higher-ups can do to cause controversy and trouble in the online space.

To raise your awareness about how to behave in the online space, read the full article.

Originally published on by Amy Chulik.

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